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BL.Conecta is an intermediation platform solution to put in relation city’s users with the service they are searching, and helps cities manager to understand their citizen life, the use of the city and their involvement in the collective construction and evolution of the city.

Product sheet : ENFRSP

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BL.Conecta, the future kernel of city’s intermediation platforms?

Context Since few years, we observe the rise of intermediation platforms and web services consumption used through these multitude of platforms. The fact is that intermediation environments put in relation a producer/seller with a web user/consumer to enable a transaction (sales, exchange, share of products or services) that create value.

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BL.Deesse is a documentary bases semantic search engine using Artificial Intelligence, to ease research in corpus of documents and find the most relevant result. 

DEESSE: A Generic Search Engine based on Artificial Intelligence

In Berger-Levrault, several of our software products incorporate a search engine in themselves to facilitate access to information. This information can be encoded in files having various and varied formats. For example, Word, PDF, CSV, JSON or even XML files. Current search engines such as Lucene focus most of the

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BL.Exchange is an interoperability platform using Spring Cloud Data Flow technology. It enables to create, update and deploy locally or in the cloud interoperability connectors by composing predefined modules. It promotes decoupling between business functionality and dedicated communication functionality. Its flexibility allows to make evolve an existing connector with minimum developing effort. 

BL.IDP is a solution to automatically capture, verify and classify documents. It controls documents conformity, their consistency with metadata and optimizes business processes.

BL.MixedR is a mixed reality interactive solution to optimize maintenance operations in real time and their reports.

BL.Optim is a new generation planner using a bio-inspired algorithm to find the optimal solution in time and resources, and generate schedules according to customers and organization constraints.

BL.Predict is an interoperability platform dedicated to the intelligent management of technical equipment. It observes and collects data to ensure predictive maintenance and optimize equipment’s performance.

Federated learning framework for IoT.

A Federated Learning Framework for IoT

There are thousands of institutions like hospitals collecting private and sensitive data, which mean they can not be transferred to be used. Though federated learning needs data to be trained. As we can not send them to a database like this (unprotected, non-confidential), a solution has been thought: each institution

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BL.Senselife is a multi-operators services platform helping elderly live independently by preventing their frailty and sharing personalized follow-up with the medical corps and their family circle. It ensures their needs are matched with the solutions available on the territory.

Product sheet : ENFRSP

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BL.SenseLife MVP

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a first version of a new product with enough features to address the most important needs of users and customers, who can next provide feedback for future evolutions. It is basically the first implementation of an idea into a deployable and marketable solution with

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BL.Visualize is a multi-scale visualization solution to assist technical management of territories. Using 3D technology, it structures the concept of city as an “object”, identify linear objects and helps action planification.

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