Let’s learn: Digital Twin: the Bogdanov brothers of the IoT

For this month of April, two members of the DRI will host a let’s learn on the following topic:

“Digital Twin: the Bogdanov brothers of the IoT

This workshop will be held on Thursday 22 April at 1.15 pm. Youssef Miloudi (Technology Marketing Manager at CARL) and Kévin Ducharlet (Doctoral student in research and development at CARL) will be pleased to share this moment with you. While waiting for the day, here is an overview of their presentation:

It is said that I see in black and white, that I like to feed myself with numbers, to build learning programs to learn, to make mistakes, and to relearn. It’s true that I see the world in 3,4,5 or even 1000 dimensions; I can also diagnose the state of health of a hospital, a conveyor belt, or an air-conditioning system. I like to play the game of 7 differences to find errors in my figures that are invisible to your eyes… I find subtle differences in photos and laser surveys to discover trees, benches, electricity poles, manhole covers and build a whole imaginary world from that…
So, who am I? Perhaps the digital twin of your everyday objects!

Didn’t have time to attend the Let’s learn? Here is the link that will allow you to access directly to the replay of Thursday 22 April or go to the MyBL platform (Menu / My training platform / Tab: Knowledge lab).

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