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Federated learning framework for IoT.

A Federated Learning Framework for IoT

There are thousands of institutions like hospitals collecting private and sensitive data, which mean they can not be transferred to be used. Though federated learning needs data to be trained. As we can not send them to a database like this (unprotected, non-confidential), a solution has been thought: each institution will locally train a model with its own data, then each trained model with its knowledge will be send to

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BL.SenseLife MVP featured image

BL.SenseLife MVP

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a first version of a new product with enough features to address the most important needs of users and

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Wi-Filles project logo

Wi-Filles Project

Wi-filles is an induction programme to promote digital occupations to teenager girls. If we look at figures, there are only 21,5% of women workers in

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