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Moose environment.

Visualize your codebase with Moose

Developing an application is teamwork. It requires complementary skills to make it run smoothly. Though, bugs happened frequently and it’s not easy to read the code and all its interdependencies. So the easiest way would be to call your colleague who worked on it, but he has a flu and can not answer you. To prevent those kind of situations, we use tools to help us visualize the codebase of

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Semantic identification and generation illustration

Semantic relationship generating

Relationship identification in documents is part of a project about knowledge graph.A knowledge graph is a way to graphically present semantic relationship between subjects like

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Back on PFIA 2022

PFIA (Plate-Forme Intelligence Artificielle) was held in Saint-Etienne (France) from the 27th of June to the 1st of July. This event is about AI (Artificial

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