Welcome to Gaëlle Baudry in our team

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We are very glad to announce that Ph.D. Gaëlle Baudry joins our team. Gaëlle will strenghten our team with her market research skills. She will be located in Labege, France. You can find out more about her Ph.D. research here : https://tel.archives-ouvertes.fr/tel-01717731/document. Her work consists in exploring the market, particularly in the area of innovative products and services, in order to promote the commercialization of our innovations whithin our markets and identify new economic development oppotunities.

Welcome Gaëlle.

Dr. Gaëlle Baudry

Gaëlle holds a Ph.D. in communication science, with a specialization in identity and images of organization, representational dynamic and agency. For the last two years, she worked as a marketing and communication manager at the Institut Carnot, in the cognitive sciences field. In addition to her training and professional experiences, she has held teaching positions in university and high school.

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