Augmented reality prototype presentation at Asset Performance 4.0 Conference & Exhibition

Maintenance actors are always searching new ways of working to make technician maintenance worker operations easier and improve their performance. These new ways of working includes CMMS tools and augmented reality. Our expert team in EAM will present out augmented reality prototype for maintenance intervention.

Resume of the presentation

The 3D and spatial capabilities of the augmented reality headset allow technicians to display the 3D model of the equipment being work on, to diagnose the failure and possibly develop an action plan before even starting performing the job on the real equipment. In addition, the technician has the possibility of calling on an expert to help him during his work: The technician share a live view with the expert, which simplifies the remote assistance process by eliminating the need to hold a smartphone when showing the equipment involved to the expert; the technician’s virtual workspace, which contains all the information necessary for carrying out the technical operation (the list of works, documents, videos, images, etc.) is also shared with the expert, which allows them to have an overview of the work that needs to be done.

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