Presentation of BL.Predict last innovations at Asset Performance 4.0 Conference & Exhibition

Through datas observation collected in physical world, fast and securised communication between physical goods and their digital version (CMMS, digital model), the IoT shows new opportunities :

  • Maintenance performance optimization: the right action at the right moment with better cost,
  • Energy management,
  • Simulation and forecast.

It’s with these objectives, Berger-Levrault’s DRIT team developed BL.Predict: a maintenance platform combining IoT and AI. BL.Predict has the capacity to manage all IoT system components, from the sensor to the data valorisation in the CMMS. It provides technical services with forecast data to optimize preventive maintenance and equipments operation.

During the Asset Performance 4.0 conference, Berger-Levrault will present BL.Predict last innovation. ALSTEFF Group, our client and innovation partner will present the lessons and benefits obtained after two years using BL.Predict.
ALSTEF Group use our BL.Predict solution in its BAGXpert offer. With it, maintenance equipment in a lot of airports, of all size around the world, is optimized and their performance is improved.
This conference will be the opportunity to discover how ALSTEF Group:

  • Understood: when, why and how a dysfunction happens,8
  • Start to anticipate dysfunction consequences on luggage sorting equipments,
  • Obtained recommandations on action to take on, maintain and/or set up equipments and/or act on the environment (temperature, geographic position)

Check the official event by following this link.

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