Let’s Learn BL conference

Tuesday 16th of November, Dr. Stephanie Rey will speak about graphical semiotics at Berger-Levrault’s internal event. Stephanie will show communication ways to present data, informations, knowledges without using words or texts. The event starts at 1.15 pm.

Dr. Stephanie joined Berger-Levrault in 2017 for her thesis after working several years in UX design. Her thesis was about digital meditation in museums with human-machine interaction connotation. Nowaday, Stephanie is working on various researches and innovation subjects in the DRIT, especially on data visualisation projects.
Tuesday 16th of November, she’ll speak about graphical semiotics. If the term seems complicated, it’s actually concepts we use in our daily life.
Why do we use red, orange and green for traffic lights? Why does it takes so much time to find Wally? What is the Gestalt?
Those theorical fundamentals are used in our visual communication to help the user to focus on the essential informations.

This event is open to all Berger-Levrault’s employees – You should have received an email with the link to the Teams meeting.

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