Winter camp by e-Health University

Since almost two years now, the sanitary crisis has shaken the health and medico social and accelerate digital use.
The medico social area didn’t stay apart of this digital transformation and its new use. To keep the link between establishment residents and their families during lock-down periods, to ease people aftercare from home or help coordinating the medico social care path, digital and e-health suggest a new vision of aging well and disabled person care.

During this camp we’ll approach two main questions:

  1. Does those emerging innovation answers our today and tomorrow needs?
  2. Will we be able to digitally transform the medico social offer?

Katarzina Borgiel, Research and Marketing Development Engineer in the DRIT will take part to a round table with Catherine Bozsodi, EHPAD Director and Dr. Viet Nguyen Messager, medical coordinator doctor in EHPAD about: Digital on favour to aging well at home: needs and innovations.

You can attend this event directly at ISIS Engineer School at Castres or on e-Health University Youtube channel.

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