Welcome to Katerina Batziakoud and Camille Dupré

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We are pleased to announce that Katerina Batziakoudi and Camille Dupré are joining our team to start their Ph.D thesis.

Aikaterini Batzia.

Katerina Batziakoudi is a Cifre Ph.D. candidate in Human-Computer Interaction, focusing her research on Data Visualization. She has a bachelor’s degree in Management Science and Technology, with a specialization in Data Science and Software Engineering, and a double master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction and Design. During her studies, she worked as a researcher, designer, developer, and data analyst and she participated in numerous voluntary projects related to innovation and young entrepreneurship in Greece, Sweden, and France. Within the DRIT team, the objective of her work is to use interactive data visualization to make the budget of local governments understandable to all stakeholders.

Camille Dupre.

Camille Dupré is a PhD Candidate in Human Center Interaction (HCI). She joined Carl Berger-Levrault last September. For her CIFRE PhD she will be working on the display and manipulation of heterogeneous content in Mixed Reality in collaboration with an INRIA research team named ILDA. The main use case for her research will be to assist professional technicians in their maintenance tasks (CMMS) by allowing them to interact with business procedures and information, under conditions that allow them to perform their tasks in a fluid, optimized and efficient way and without hindering their movements.

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