Guest of honor on the Seminar about exploitation of software traces

Exploitation of software traces

Analysing log traces to understand users’ behavior on software

User activity traces are a set of structured and time-stamped data, generated directly by a software. These traces capture both:

  • Users’ interactions with the interface of an application or software (Frontend traces)
  • Application or software’s behavior following this human-computer interaction activity (Backend traces).

With the exponential digitization of professional practices, exploitation of these traces has become a major knowledge issue. This is why a seminar was organized on November 29 at the Computer Science Department of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Montpellier, for M2 students of the “Software Science-Software Engineering” specialization.

From theory to operationality in Berger-Levrault scenarii

Ph.D. Candidate Ikram Boukharouba from BL Research team et affiliée au laboratoire de recherche IRIT was guest of honor on this Seminar, organized by Ph.D Abdelhak-Djamel Seriai (LIRMM), pedagogical manager of the training.

On program: definition of traces and logs, understanding of their construction, the motivation behind traceability, and some of the application fields. Two applied use cases are discussed: the analysis of log traces for fraud detection applied to the BL.enfance software, and the behavioral analysis of e.sedit GF users.

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