A knowledge management and connection platform to accompany citizens in fragile situations

Mélange de générations.


A platform for observing and organizing life paths to enable citizens and professionals towards tangible and global actions

An ageing population, climate change, and territory transformation lead us to rethink the roles of the society towards its frailer members: the elderly, the disabled, the ill, the unemployed, etc. 

Each citizen needs a personalized holistic support which considers the interdependencies between the different dimensions of their lives, interactions with their own environment, temporal characteristic of their life journey. 

A global consideration on needs encourages a precise identification of solutions to aid and adapt lives, and an observation of their real benefits to the individual, who are the main actor of the solution.

Identifies and organizes knowledge between people and solutions

Prioritizes the ease of use for and by citizens

Integrates a panel of activities, roles, and situations

Adopts a path approach combining temporality, and life course

Personalizes recommendations of data exploration

Enhances interdependency between actors

BL.SENSELIFE is based on original knowledge models, covering information relying to needs, processes, environments, solutions, etc. It allows to build a multi-scale shared observatory to all stakeholders.

BL.SENSELIFE integrates a hybrid recommendation system offering a tool to help data exploration that favors accompanied and personalized life course, for citizens and professionals.

BL.SENSELIFE’s value is about the interdependency between the stakeholders: integration of the personalized support dimensions, matching the needs to the proposed solutions, geolocation distribution, real value and use of the promoted offer, emergence of new ways of help and life, etc.

Institutional ecosystem

Product sheets

Download our marketing sheets on BL.Senselife in English, French and Spanish versions.

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BL.SenseLife MVP

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a first version of a new product with enough features to address the most important needs of users and

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