An upcoming Doctorate Thesis with Neolink!

We are very glad to announce that Nicolas Ringuet joins the Berger-Levrault Group and our Research and Innovation team. Nicolas is currently finishing his Master 2 internship at NeoLink in Blois. He will continue with BL/Neolink, and candidate for Doctorate thesis (CIFRE). This thesis topic will be entitled “Interactive recommendations of personalized life paths” and will be directed by Dr. Nicolas Labroche at LIFAT (Laboratory of Fundamental and Applied Computer Science of Tours).

Nicolas will work directly with the Neolink teams and in particular on the recommendation system which is behind the NeoJob platform. The NeoJob platform connects job seekers with recruiters. It is particularly adapted for social workers. Nicolas’s objective for this thesis is to push further this recommendation system to propose paths composed of multiple jobs and training to help you in reaching your life’s goals rather than simply the next best job for you.

Therefore Nicolas will work on a tooled and scientific approach allowing to:

  • Develop advanced matching mechanisms allowing to recommend adapted solutions but also suitable solution paths for a given need in an interactive way.
  • Study the genericity of these approaches by applying it to heterogeneous case studies such as return to employment, assistance in the reintegration of NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training), or even propose paths services for the autonomy of the elderly.

The research topics are related to knowledge modeling, the recommendation of complex composite objects sequenced in a user path, recommendation taking into account several stakeholders, and the evaluation of such processes.

Welcome, Nicolas, and good luck for the next 3 years!

Nicolas Ringuet is passionate about data analysis and mathematics. In collaboration with Neolink and Berger-Levrault, Nicolas spent a year and a half working on various data analysis and integration projects, Big Data implementations of a recommendation engine in an employment context. But also the development of a semantic search engine. His main interests are the disciplines of recommendation, manipulation, and creation of vector spaces but also graphs and their applications.

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