Accounting & Robots : A Love Affair

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During the past months, Berger-Levrault and the Cusma association worked together within the newly created innovation commission. This comission aimed at co-designing new and innovative services involving for exemple robotic process automation (which we have recently talked and explained on BL.Research), artificial intelligence and natural language processing. The use RPA for automatic accounting checking was one opportunities among others.

This project allows for the automatic checking of accounting balances. The goal is to automatically verify the accounting balance with the DGFIP. It turns out that it works very well. A demonstration of the project was presented on Thursday 8th October, and it was appreciated.

To find out more, watch the demonstration video below (subtitles are in french). Note: while it looks like that the actions in the video are done by a human, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING is executed by a robot. 🤖

The robot was implemented twice : One time with a commercial solution UIPath and another time with an open source librairie called PyAutoGUI. Our experience shows that we could achieve our objective with both solutions. UIPath offers nevertheless many tools to develop the RPA quicker.

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