Understanding innovation can also be learned at school

In collaboration with “Le Catalyseur Toulouse”, this Wednesday, November 25, Christophe Bortolaso’s objective vas to sensitize the students of the University Paul Sabatier on the following topic:

Understanding innovation in 2020.”

The purpose of “Le Catalyseur Toulouse” is to support student-entrepreneurs in their business creation projects thanks to the joint commitment of the higher education institutions of the Federal University of Toulouse and partner companies.
We’ve all heard this word before, but what is it really? This is the question that Christophe Bortolaso answered during this intervention which took place in the Concorde amphitheater with these students. His intervention was divided into several parts in order to answer the question:

  • First, he addressed the issue of innovation in general,
  • Then he talked about innovation at Berger-Levrault,
  • To conclude, he mentioned the tools that allow for innovation.

We are delighted that Berger-Levrault can participate in this type of intervention and show that innovation is at the heart of our values!

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