Chaire Edge Intelligence

Wednesday 6th of Otober, the Chaire Edge Intelligence event will take place at MAIA in Grenoble (France). The topic of this edition is « Learning around connected object data ». This monthly meeting has been created to speak and share, on the one hand, about conception challenges on new automatic learning methods using the EDGE networks characteristics, on the other hand about algorithms and software which will allow the deployment of hybrid periphery / fog infrastructures.

Hamza Safri, based in Labege and member of the DRIT team will take part to the event and present a first part of the research about equipment maintenance prevention. Hamza will initiate his presentation with the general context of the research, afterward he will present the federate stacking architecture and its units created on conveyor maintenance prediction, then he’ll explain how the tool and its units are working and how it can be adapt to different devices. This event is an opportunity to set the stakes of the research and to receive first feedbacks.

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