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We are delighted to announce that Bachar Rima is joining our team to start his Ph.D thesis.

Bachar Rima is a Lebanese Student who has completed his higher education in computer sciences in France at Université de Montpellier. He has a master in Software Engineering and Web technologies. He did an internship with Berger-Levrault in 2020, working with Ph.D student Pascal Zaragoza, on the subject of Software Migration, namely at the architectural level. Afterwards, he worked with LIRMM, in R&D as well, for a year and a half on the theme of Software Traceability, namely dealing with logs and how to automate their creation and generation to accomplish one/many tracing objectives. His job consisted in developing a prototype to demonstrate the feasibility of the SoftScanner project. Finally, after a year and half, he managed to demonstrate the feasibility of the project for academic pursuits, and based on it he was recruited by Berger-Levrault to pursue a Ph.D on the subject for the upcoming three years.

He also held a teaching position at the University of Montpellier for some undergraduate and graduate modules, namely Java programming, Android programming, distributed programming, as well as software evolution and maintenance.

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The goal of his thesis is thus to continue the refinement and development of SoftScanner, by using and applying it and on industrial use-cases provided by Berger-Levrault, but also some other open-source and community-based use cases as well.

Welcome Bachar and good luck for the next three years

Check his YouTube channel where he proposes live programming videos and tutorials.

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