Urgency of energy sobriety: our contribution through digital technologies

Energy concerns.

Urgency of energy sobriety is at the heart of Berger-Levrault’s concerns!
So, how do we act ?

  1. At the group level, by setting up a system to monitor and optimize energy consumption throughout our national real estate portfolio using our IoT/IA platform BL.Predict.
  2. Internally, through the creation of an Energy Saver community, to raise awareness of the best practices to be implemented in the daily life of and by our employees, so that everyone contributes to the emergency!
  3. And externally, through Carl Berger-Levrault’s commitment to the Convergences numériques collective, in response to the Government’s call to mobilize the digital sector in the face of this global crisis. It is therefore natural that we join the directory of the Planet Tech’care platform by referencing our offer BL.Predict, aiming at the energy efficiency of all economic sectors!

Thank you all for your commitment: together we will contribute more effectively to meeting this challenge for the planet!

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