Nicolas Ringuet

Decision making concept.

Neolink: Lifelong pathway co-construction

While personal coach applications are now ubiquitous, personal lifelong pathway co-construction is largely overlooked, although present for e-learning, healthcare, return to employment, home-care of elders, etc. Modeling generic lifelong pathway co-construction is feasible since these situations share many properties. We contribute to the problematics with a generic model for the co-construction of lifelong pathways applicable […]

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Alice pathway illustration

Neolink: Lifelong pathway recommendation model

Find information about the project’s challenges by following this link. Neolink is a company created in 2012 which developed solution to encourage the internet that brings together. Its main objective is to unify economic activity and social utility in its solutions. The company has been bought by Berger-Levrault in 2019. Social services are notoriously complex

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