Assisting you to optimize your rounds and scheduling your resources

Robot scheduling.




An on-demand, predictive, resource planning tool for optimizing time, costs, energy, personnel, and managing constraints

Coordinate resources and their rounds in a territory is a complex task. Time-consuming and tedious, planning and organizing routes leads to drop in business productivity and performance.

Monitoring planned schedules execution is a requirement to take hazards and uncertainties into account (road traffic, authorization and qualification, absence of staff/auditor, customer availability, etc.).

Reduce environmental impact: shorter distances, better itineraries, Last Mile Delivery dropped costs, and optimal scheduling for mission points can help you reduce the carbon footprint of your operations.

30 minutes to schedule +1,000 interventions

Increase deliveries by 30% using the same resources

Decrease travel costs by 10 to 20%

Better customer satisfaction

(delivery promises respected and customer preferences can be taken into account)

BL.Optim is a cloud computing solution. It adapts to requests to provide the best calculation speed. Based on API standards (REST + OpenAPI 3.0), it can be easily integrated into your business. Moreover, BL.Optim generates “.ics” files compatible from any agenda tool (e.g. Outlook), and the interface is accessible from any browser.

Based on bio-inspired algorithms, BL Optim offers settings for greater flexibility. It adapts to your constraints inherent to your activity. You will be accompanied by our business and operational research experts.

BL Optim goes hand in hand with man-machine interface dedicated to restitute calculated schedules and trips. Visual and easy to use, it helps you to better understand the algorithm’s choices and to adjust them.

BL.Optim visual extracts.

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