Robots for elder assistances

Subject : caring practices in social robotics in nursing homes

The project shares a design-oriented agenda of research and the adoption of a human-centred perspective and a Participatory Design approach. With the objective of achieving an “adequate design”, the studies aim at properly understanding the needs, values and experiences of the actors concerned.

We are studing the insights gained, and how, from an empirical methodological posture, care emerged as the central phenomenon.

3 research questions:

  • What is efficient human robot interaction, in the case of elderlies and a mobile social robot?
  • How does efficient human robot interaction contribute to acceptance of social robots?
  • Is acceptance of social robots higher if design follows a human centred and participatory approach?

Living Lab Approach :

Human‐centred Design

  • New forms of living in and through technologies
  • Primacy to human actors, their values and their activities
  • Starting point : elderly capabilities

Participatory Design

  • Cooperative design process
  • Active user involvement and participation
  • Empowerment and ‘meaningful’ involvement for stakeholders

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