Digital trust

We speak about Trust, digital trust and the reason why its’ important for the company and the future. No apprehesion, fear when we put the data on paper (forms, books). Process by continous support.

Recent period, software company. BL software company. Trust was not so far : whitout many links with the ecosystem. Security only, static process, good ergonomy. Recent step with Internet. New generation of software and digital services. The process change: interactions with data. The young people are digital nomads (ex. home, office). Gig economy (Uber) who the company is today developping.

If I give all my data (health ou hollidays) , I don’t know what arrived next. Trust in the system (people, systems, bots) ? We discovered that Digital trust is a complex question, much more complex. We are in front of a sort of paradox: The users need efficients solutions. But, The users are more or less afraid by the personnal data (health, education…) would be used. The new applications need a lot of data. The performance is better with the high quality of lot of data. But how to collect the lot and the quality of the data? If the usesr don’t give the data, how to be efficient?


  • It’s not only a technologic problem.
  • Trust is a very complex process.
  • We had to introduce the keys factors success for a new approach.
  • To define a climate of trust

How ? A new research program.

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