Citizen & Digital society

After signing the “RESET manifesto” published in Le Monde, Berger-Levrault is involved in a research collaboration with the association for the Foundation of a New Internet Generation (Fing), a reference think & do tank on digital transformations.

The RESET manifesto published in Le Monde (link)

This collaboration takes the form of two projects focusing on the theme “citizens and the digital society” from a sociological approach :
RESET 2022 and Capacity Lab. The main question we are trying to address are :

  • If we want to engage ALL audiences in our digital solutions, what are the social determinants of success?
  • And more broadly, which digital society do we want?

RESET 2022

RESET 2022

Digital technology is at the heart of contemporary transformations. It is also at the heart of the problems faced by all actors in society and the economy. It is vital for regaining control over our choices (companies, public players, citizens, society). This implies changing not only how we use digital technology, but also digital technology itself (technologies, infrastructures, key services).
RESET is the proposal for a convergent and mobilizing action, carried by a set of digital and social actors with the aim of making an impact in 2022. The project is organized in several “coalitions” composed of software publishers, state sponsors, and digital users. Berger-Levrault is involved in the coalitions :

  • Dematerializing without dehumanizing
  • For Civic Tech at the service of democratic quality
  • Digital cities (territories) that are open and wanted by their citizens
  • For a digital technology that creates links, rights, and human capacities at work

Capacity LAB

Building on the work of the Capacity research project (2015-2018) funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR), the CapacityLab program aims to propose new approaches to our difficulties with digital technology (social, inclusion, learning, appropriation), from the point of view of empowerment, and individual and collective power to act. It is a paradigm shift for public policies and major players’ strategies. The objective is to propose keys for the design of digital devices, the enrichment of mediation, and user support engineering.

In partnership with public actors (social, territorial), innovators, mediators, the setting up of CapacityLab aims to share resources and to bring transformative projects with short to medium term impact (2022).

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