Blockchain for interoperability

Interoperability is the possibility for different systems to communicate with each other without depending on a particular actor. It is based on the use of an open standard


The sharing of data between information systems (IS) becomes essential to ensure communication between these IS. This exchange has consequences of compatibility (because of heterogeneous data structures) and integrity. The centralization of data / communication via a brocker makes it possible to ensure the exchanges between the information systems but does not guarantee a means to trace the history, nor to secure the transactions to avoid any malicious action. Centralized systems remain attractive targets for cyber-attacks (e.g. Denial of Service attacks (DDoS)) It is for all these reasons that we have created a research theme around the blockchain. Among the issues that we try to solve in this theme, we mention that of interoperability. Indeed, we want to design an interoperability framework based on the blockchain in order to guarantee the security, the transparency, the reliability and the traceability of the exchanges.

Existing solution: Lack of supervision over data exchanges..

  • Setting up middleware to moderate among heterogeneous systems
  • Using messaging mechanisms to build flexible, scalable and loosely-coupled architectures
  • Allows exchanging messages asynchronously between heterogeneous applications

Target Solution: Blockchain Driven Messaging Monitoring System

  • Distributed network, asymmetric cryptographer, and incentive mechanism
  • Decentralized
  • Exchange messages asynchronously between heterogeneous applications
  • Facilitate Traceability
  • Improve security, confidentiality, and pseudo anonymity

Used architecture in order to Enact publish/subscribe pattern with blockchain

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