Santiago Bragagnolo joins our team and starts his Ph.D.

We are very glad to announce that Santiago Bragagnolo joins Berger-Levrault and the DRI teams to start his Ph.D. Thesis (CIFRE). Santiago’s objective is to contribute in finding solutions to help Berger-Levrault in migrating legacy solutions implemented with Visual Basic and Access to modern web-based frameworks.

This thesis topic entitled “Migration of Legacy Programs to Web Architectures: The Case of Migrating Microsoft Access Programs to Angular / Microservices” will be directed by the internationally renowned researcher Stephane Ducasse in the RMOD team at INRIA Lille.

To do so, the objective of the thesis is to propose a tool-based approach to understand, validate and reverse engineer code to a domain model (DDD). The thesis shall address the following points:

  • Separation of the source code into technical and business code. The technical code could be subdivided into several layers, in particular, for a migration to web architecture, the specific identification of the code related to interfacing with the user will have to be completely reviewed.
  • Grouping together the parts of (business) code that deal with the same concepts. These concepts may have been previously identified (prior specific business modeling) or maybe identified “as they go”.
  • Help in restructuring the code around the identified business concepts.

Welcome Santiago and good luck for the next 3 years!

Biography :
Santiago Bragnolo is passionate about coding. He is a software engineer and development researcher. Santiago spent several years as a technology transfer engineer at INRIA working in different partnerships. During these partnerships, he worked on Berger Levrault’s issues in blockchain and traceability or migration of Microsoft Access applications.
His main interests are the analysis and modeling of knowledge, concept, language and runtime.
He has a great interest in parallel / simultaneous computing and virtual machines.
For this, he works on reflexive applications and programming languages.
He also participates in the open source community of the Pharo language and programming environment.

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