Hackathon Fluvius and Aquafin: Carl Berger-Levrault present their two solutions

A few months ago, we introduced you to the Fluvius Hackathon in which CARL-Berger Levrault participated in the Asset Performance 4.0 conference. Asset Performance 4.0 is a virtual conference and exhibition to learn how new 4.0 technologies and the fundamentals of operations, maintenance and asset management reinforce each other to improve equipment reliability and cost performance in asset-intensive industries. This virtual conference and exhibition will take place from 15 to 17 September 2020. Before the conference, Asset Performance 4.0 has organized 3 Hackathons on recent maintenance topics. CARL Software participated in two of the three Hackathons on the following topics:

Fluvius: predicting failures based on sensor and humidity data.
Aquafin: Predicting pump failures based on sensor data of pump stations.

Following its presentation, CARL Software was one of the finalists in the Fluvius challenge. Find the explanation of their project below: https://www.research-bl.com/2020/07/30/hackaton-fluvius-challenge-met/.

Regarding the Aquafin Hackathon, the project was not one of the finalists but it will be presented the same day as the project for Fluvius:

Thursday,September 17th, 2020

We wish them a very good presentation! And congratulations again for the work accomplished.

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