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Wi-filles is an induction programme to promote digital occupations to teenager girls. If we look at figures, there are only 21,5% of women workers in this area and only 20% in digital studies field. That’s why, the FACE foundation started the Wi-Filles project in 2014. The goal of the project is to encourage young girls between 14 and 17 years old to study digital fields by introducing them to several aspects of this work environment (website creation, cyber-security, etc.).
In this context, three members of the DRIT working on Natural Language Processing welcomed a group of students for one hour to introduce them to this digital field.
In the video below, you’ll find their presentation about NLP applied on Pop Music.
As NLP can be a really complex subject, the NLP team used an example which hasn’t been produced by Berger-Levrault to make the explanation accessible and entertaining for a young public.

There is the link to the website the demo comes from.

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